Mom Sings To Baby, Baby Cries Happy Tears [Video]

mom sings to baby 2013

Did you see this adorable viral video of a mom singing to her baby, as the baby cries like a taken-aback American Idol judge?

In fact, the “mom sings to baby” video definitely has American Idol flavor — as the mom performs a stage-worthy rendition of Rod Stewart’s “My Heart Can’t Tell You No.”

Ontario mother Amanda Leroux is the unseen singer in the video, and husband Alain filmed and published the clip to YouTube. In it, the mom says to baby Mary Lynn:

“Mommy’s going to sing a song… You want mommy to sing a song, honey? Let me know how you feel about the song.”

Leroux breaks out into the song, and the baby smiles, and watches… and becomes visibly moved by the singing.

As Amanda does the X Factor karaoke vibrato thing, her baby trembles as well, tearing up and smiling at the theatrical performance.

One commenter on YouTube appears to perhaps be the baby’s paternal grandpa, and he comments on the viral video — which has racked up more than four million views.

The proud granddad gushes:

“That’s my granddaughter. It breaks my heart every time I look at her. She will probably be an actress one day. LOVE her to pieces. xxoo… ”

Over on Twitter, the video of a baby crying as her mom sings has proven popular as well, with many users tweeting and posting about the adorable clip.

Reactions range from sickened by the cute to killed by the cute, and even the severely injured by the cute:

As always, though, not everyone is a fan of the “mom sings to baby” video:

As to why the “mom sings to baby” clip evokes such an emotional reaction in the baby? Some have theorized that her mom — off-camera throughout — is also becoming emotional as she sings, provoking the child to exhibit a mirrored response.