Man Urinates On $3000 Worth Of Books At San Francisco Library

The Philosophy of Language section at the San Francisco Public Library was damaged this week when a man urinates on dozens of books.

A 33-year-old man was arrested after library employees reported hearing a “tinkling sound” coming from the library’s third floor. Employees discovered that Aton Cole was in “the act of peeing” on more than $3,000 worth of books and library property.

Police promptly arrested the man and charged him with a misdemeanor count of vandalism.

The Civic Center library in San Francisco is known to have a homelessness problem and Cole is well known by employees. In fact, Cole was previously suspended from the library for a month after he urinated on third-floor carpeting.

Library employees are still investigating the books to determine if any can be saved or if they will need to be discarded and replaced. Michelle Jeffers, a spokeswoman for the San Francisco Public Library system tells the San Francisco Examiner

“We will have to determine whether the books can be cleaned or reused or will need to be replaced.”

An anonymous employees tells the publication, “For a few months now, we have been finding whole shelves of books on the third floor covered with an unidentified sticky substance.”

Unfortunately for library employees they are responsible for cleaning the urine soaked books and carpets. Custodial employees at the library are only tasked with cleaning shelves. Because of issues like this librarians are trained to clean human waste.

Do you think Aton Cole should be banned from the San Francisco library for life?