Pope Francis Allows Little Kid To Join Him On Stage [Photo, Video]

Pope Francis Allows Adorable Kid To Join Him on stage.

Pope Francis was joined on stage during a Vatican appearance by the most adorable little boy, who did not want to leave his side.

As Catholics from around the world gathered to celebrate the Year of Faith at St. Peter’s Square on Saturday, a little kid, dressed in a yellow shirt came up to greet the Pope and refused to leave.

Perhaps the cutest thing is that Pope Francis was as cool with it as we would expect him to be and allowed the boy to remain.

Francis has become an instant celebrity around the world for his humble, no nonsense style of doing things. He is not flashy. What you see is what you get.

The new Pontiff obviously welcomes and enjoys interactions with his people and has, at times, gotten in hot water with his security detail for being too close to the crowds who come to witness his charm first hand.

Of course, people have always come to the Vatican because of its religious significance, but Pope Francis, with his easy personality is making it even more interesting to pay a visit anywhere he is.

The proof that people love him came when the little boy walked up on stage and went to Pope Francis as he was giving his message to the thousands gathered.

Several children were seated close to the stage as some priests allow, the really cool ones, following in Jesus’ teaching, “let the children come to me.”

Pope Francis made himself even more appealing to people allowing the little boy to join him. At one point he actually sat on the Pope’s chair.

The video shows how the little boy in the yellow shirt is really taken with Pope Francis as he hugs his leg while he speaks.

The scene of the little boy coming up on stage, in what seems his own decision, to hang out with Pope Francis is making even those who are not Catholic applaud the leader of the Catholic Church, who is confirming every day why is fast becoming one of the most popular Popes in recent memory.

[Image courtesy of the Vatican/Instagram]