Sony offers hacker a job. Hacker turns them down because of geoHot

It's not very often that a company the size of Sony reaches out to offer up a plum job to someone who better known as a hacker but such is the case with Koushik Dutta, a well respected Android hacker.

It's not very often that when someone is offered a plum job with a company like Sony that they turn it down because of the way the company is treating another person but such is the case with Dutta in light of Sony's treatment of fellow hacker geoHot.

But apparently this is indeed the case as evidence by the image of an email exchange between Dutta and Sarah McRae a headhunter for Sony.

In the exchange we can see where McRae makes Dutta an offer of a software engineer position within Sony's R&D division and this is followed by Dutta turning down the offer specifically because of the way that Sony has been treating George Hotz, famous for hacking Sony's PS3.

Who says there isn't solidarity among hackers.

Way to go Koushik.

via Geekosystem