Jackie Chan Action Flick 'Police Story 2013' Finally Gets A Trailer [Video]

The Jackie Chan action flick Police Story 2013 has finally dropped its first trailer.

Although it's hard to decipher the plot if you don't speak fluent Chinese, the clip still gives fans of the Drunken Master star a good idea of what to expect from the next installment of the veteran actor's long-running series. Chan may have retired from death-defying stunts, but he's clearly still more than willing to throw a punch or two.

Police Story 2013 finds Jackie Chan portraying Detective Zhong Wen, a police officer in mainland China. Although the movie is a part of the franchise, the story reportedly has no connection to the other entries. In other words, it's more of a reboot than a direct sequel to the previous stories.

"I've played policemen many times before, but I've never shot a film which focused on the life of a mainland policeman. So this time, I get the chance to fulfill this kind of role," Chan explained to his fans on the micro-blogging site Sina Wiebo.

According to Twitch Film, Jackie Chan's character must use his wits to unravel a kidnapping case before time runs out for the victims. Although this may not sound like much on paper, the trailer suggests that the flick is a bit more serious than most of his cinematic endeavors.

This is certainly good news for those of us who didn't walk away from Chinese Zodiac feeling fulfilled. The movie was a little too goofy for a lot of people, which definitely wasn't the send-off they were hoping Chan's Armor of God series would receive.

Although director Ding Sheng's Police Story 2013 is presently scheduled to hit theaters in China on December 24, it's unknown when the rest of the world will get their hands on the latest Jackie Chan feature. Considering it took Chinese Zodiac a year to reach the United States, fans probably won't get to see the flick legally until late 2014.

Here's the first trailer for the flick.

During his chat with Empire magazine, Jackie Chan explained how he chooses his roles. Since Chinese Zodiac was more of a comedic action-adventure, the actor decided to change things up with Police Story 2013.

Chan told the publication:

"I've just finished 'Police Story 2013.' It's totally different to my last movie, ['Chinese Zodiac']. [The film] was 'ah-ah-ah-ah-ah,' whereas 'Police Story 2013' is very much a drama. That's why I choose different roles every year -- I don't like to do three ['Chinese Zodiac'] in a row... So after ['Chinese Zodiac'], then 'Police Story,' now I'm doing 'Skiptrace.' A different kind of character. Next year, probably 'Karate Kid 2,' then I'm back to the old things again."

Are you a fan of Jackie Chan? What do you think about the trailer for Police Story 2013?