Gronkowski Brothers Pitching Animated Series About Themselves Called ‘The Gronks’

The Gronkowski brothers have a great idea for an animated series — their own crazy lives.

The NFL-loving family is reportedly pitching an animated television series about the brothers called The Gronks. The series would reportedly follow the five Gronkowski brothers (Gordy Jr., Chris, Dan, Glenn, and Rob) and their father Gordy as they get into various hijinks.

The entire Gronkowski family will reportedly get together to pitch the cartoon in the offseason.

That may create a bit of tension with the New England Patriots. The team’s brass has reportedly clashed with star tight end Rob Gronkowski during his recovery from offseason surgery. Sources close to the team say New England team executives were upset that Gronkowski wasn’t returning from the injury, believing he was being convinced to sit out by his circle of family and friends.

Leaving during the 2014 offseason to pitch an animated television show about the Gronkowski brothers probably wouldn’t sit too well with the Patriots.

But Rob is no stranger to controversy. He caused a stir when he was photographed dancing shirtless after the Patriots lost the Super Bowl, and later was seen wrestling with his brothers after a game last year despite having a cast on his broken arm.

If The Gronks does get picked up, it would appear to be catered to a more adult audience. The show has references to adult themes and partying, and has gotten interest from Family Guy executive producer Ricky Blitt.

The Gronkowski brothers wouldn’t be the first athletes to have their lives transferred to a cartoon. In the early 1990s, the much-loved Pro Stars featured cartoon versions of Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Bo Jackson.

A leaked version of The Gronks made its way to Deadspin, featuring interviews with the Gronkowski brothers and some racy party scenes.