No, We Still Don’t Know Who Obamacare Girl Is

Beautiful, isn’t she? The unknown model who graces the homepage of is now gone, and though we might never learn who the heck she was, many observers are still itching to find out.

Nevermind all of the technical problems with the health exchanges website (who can keep up anyway). The question on everyone’s mind seems to be “who is that girl?” and the search for the unknown “Obamacare girl” gets more and more support every day.

So who is she? Like that old maxim about beauty, her identity is completely subjective.

Though arguably one of the most famous faces in America right now, the Obamacare girl hasn’t yet come forward to claim her mug for unknown reasons, so observers have taken to branding her with creative appellations that betray their political biases.

To wit, critics of the Obamacare website’s botched rollout have taken to calling her “Glitch Girl.” I swear that’s a real thing.

Though some 20 million have accessed the site, only 700,000 applications have been submitted, and a fewer yet-unknown number have successfully enrolled in a health insurance plan. But for most of those 20 million, the site stopped; frozen in its tracks on the image of the Obamacare girl, whose polite grin sours into user mockery once frustrations set in.

Still, Twitter users have largely come out swinging in defense of the Obamacare girl, whose face was removed from the site on Monday. The only thing we have left is her first name, listed on the site as “Adriana,” and our memories.

Wasn’t Manti T’eo dating the #ObamacareGirl? — ✌ Monte ✌ (@MonteBlachford) October 29, 2013

Whoever she was, a few Twitter users are already lobbying for her replacement.

So, in short, sorry America. We don’t know who Obamacare girl is.

obamacare girl[h/t – Buzzfeed]