‘Angry Birds Star Wars’ Launching With PS4, Xbox One

Angry Birds Star Wars is the latest launch title for those two consoles you’ve been hearing so much about. As the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One hit the shelves (and fly off probably just as fast) next month, the feathered Force will be with them both.

Angry Birds is that game which launched on smartphones to become a quick bestseller with its easy to learn, hard to master gameplay. It centers around having a set number of birds lined up to take on structures populated with pigs. Usually, said pigs stole their eggs and such and made them angry.

The story is simple and silly, but the mechanics can be as complicated as understanding what will happen when a type of bird hits a certain spot. There are a variety of birds at your disposal, some of which are straightforward while others have a dive-bomb attack, and yet others are simply heavyweights that smash whatever’s in their path.

The feathered fiends of Angry Birds Star Wars take the premise of the classic game and plugs in aspects of the Star Wars universe, like shaking blocks with the Force, slicing away supports with a lightsaber, and special attacks like calling in a Millennium Falcon attack. It builds partly on the mechanics of Angry Birds Space as well, using various moons’ gravity to redirect birds as they shoot by.

It was recently announced that the sequel will be hitting the usual targets like Android, iOS, and PC, with Apple’s devices being the first to land the mobile title, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

As far as Angry Birds Star Wars hitting the PS4 and Xbox One, you could say it’s not that odd an idea. The Angry Birds Trilogy has been available on the current generations’ online markets for some time, going for an average of about $10 each.

If you can’t wait for your chance to play the game on current consoles, have no fear, young padawan. Rovio, LucasArts, and Activision brought the Angry ones to the Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation 3, Wii, PS Vita, and 3DS today.

The PS4 version will support the DualShock 4’s touchpad for precision controls, while the Xbox One version will use the achievement system for timed challenges. Both versions will support the video sharing features, although those features may be locked behind a paywall.

Will you be grabbing Angry Birds Star Wars when it launches with the PS4 and Xbox One?