Texas Shooting Rampage Ends With Five Dead, One Arrest

A Texas shooting spree ended Tuesday with the arrest of a suspect following a manhunt that lasted nearly eight hours. Late Monday five people were found dead in several places in Terrell, a town outside Dallas. 36-year-old Charles Brownlow was finally arrested early morning Tuesday when a helicopter and K9 units discovered him hiding near a creek.

As CNN reports, the Texas shooting spree began around 5 pm Monday. Calls about a shooting led police to a home in Terrell where a woman was found with a fatal head wound, officials say.

Soon after arriving on the scene police became aware of a burning house several blocks away. Emergency responders say the fire was suspicious after the body of a woman was found. When law enforcement officers discovered that one the home’s residents, Brownlow, and his car were missing, the two incidents were linked. A manhunt soon began, with help from the county sheriff and the Texas Rangers.

At 10 pm police received reports of gunshots more than a mile away. Authorities say no one was injured in this exchange. Before police were on the scene Brownlow was seen fleeing in a vehicle. CBS-DFW reports that not long after, reports started coming in about a person matching Brownlow’s description firing a gun just a few blocks away. Police arriving on the scene reported finding a man and a woman, both shot to death. Fortunately, a three-year-old boy was found in his bed at the home, unharmed.

The Texas shooting rampage continued as suspect Charles Brownlow was spotted at a Terrell convenience store at 10:37 pm. Police arrived on the scene before Brownlow could flee, giving chase until the suspect abandoned his car and ran into brush. By 1:30 am Tuesday morning a manhunt led authorities to discover the suspect attempting to hide near a creek. Brownlow was arrested without incident.

Police say that a worker was found shot dead at the convenience store. The names of the victims of the Texas shooting spree Monday evening have not been released yet. Shooting suspect Charles Brownlow’s charges have not been announced yet.

More details on the Texas shooting rampage which left five dead are expected to come out during a law enforcement press conference later on Tuesday.

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