30 Seconds To Mars Releases Star Studded ‘City Of Angels’ Tribute Video

Jared Leto’s 30 Seconds From Mars has always been conceptually aware when it comes to their music videos. Usually spending weeks at a time filming their videos, the band has said in the past that they see their music videos as short films more than anything else. At first it looked like Jared Leto’s band was pulling a page from Michael Jackson, but after several videos, it’s clear that 30 Seconds to Mars is out to reinvent themselves and their message with every short film they release.

For their new single “City Of Angels” the 11-minute video explores the familiar trappings that Hollywood has to offer. Showcasing mini profiles on Hollywood’s largest icons, and lowest casualties, Jared Leto shines his camera on every facet that makes up Los Angeles. The video at times feels like a tribute to Los Angeles, but it never glosses over the turmoil that ensues in the City of Angels.

Leto has released an intimate look at his life before he landed in Los Angeles, showcasing a few pictures from his childhood, and his mother’s journey traveling through the banks of Mississippi with he and his brother Shannon. However, the most revealing portraits comes from the subjects he chooses to focus on, that aren’t as close to home.

“City Of Angels” follows famous character performers that are panhandling for money on Hollywood Blvd every day. Its most well-known character performers like Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and Superman, all sit down with Leto to tell the story of their lost dreams, and desires that led them to Los Angeles. The most heartbreaking story comes from a Michael Jackson impersonator, Jovan Rameau, who traveled on a raft to pursue his dreams. In the end Rameau tearfully reveals that he feels like he’s “just a copycat.”

The short film also features profiles on Corey Feldman, Lindsay Lohan, Olivia Wilde, James Franco, Kanye West, Selena Gomez, Juliette Lewis, and the members of 30 Seconds To Mars — just to name a few. For many this is a candid look at the stars behind their images that’s crafted around them throughout their time in Hollywood. The most surprising is Kanye West’s candid profile, who seems to have a pretty healthy sense of humor, which isn’t something we see on a day-to-day basis from him.

As far as memorable quotes go, while Kanye West calls fame “f—ing awesome,” Ashley Olsen refers to fame as just “an illusion.” Olsen, who has been in the business from toddler age, continues to say that the industry can take things away from you just as fast as it gives it to you. With different opinions shared, and a mix of personas from each “fame-driven” profession, “City Of Angels” really steps it up for an intimate look of what makes people gravitate towards the city.

Check out 30 Seconds To Mars’ video for “City Of Angels”: