‘Battlefield 4’ Reviews Shoot Down The Haters

The Battlefield 4 reviews are in, and fans awaiting the game have nothing to worry about, according to critics.

Battlefield 4 is a multiplayer-friendly war game that rewards you for playing as a team, even if it does still give you the option to go lone wolf. The big feature this time around is the Commander Mode, which isn’t really new, but it does give us the impression that the gamer we put in charge is actually in charge and not just another soldier barking orders because he or she can.

Not only does Battlefield 4 reward you for team play, but it also takes a queue from Titanfall in that it uses single player elements to enhance the multiplayer game. Unlike the Xbox One exclusive, however, there is a dedicated single player mode for the Xbox 360 version on a separate disc as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Inside Gaming Daily‘s Battlefield 4 review states that the game is about as good as it gets. It takes those insane moments that happen in total chaos and ramps it up a notch, sometimes affecting the entire map as a dam breaks and water floods the streets, or you cause enough damage to make a skyscraper fall across the map and change tactics across the board. Pretty much everything is destructible, and the game even introduces its own weather-based challenges, like a typhoon that sends everybody running for cover before the war can resume.

The Battlefield 4 review from Joystiq says that it’s the only sandbox-style war game that lets you play how you want to. It improves upon its immediate predecessor by giving the single player campaign more of a brain of sorts, not just resorting to soldiers whose love for battle is shown in their use of profanity. This time around it centers around Admiral Chang, who wants to start a civil war in China. He convinces his followers that the US killed a political figure who supported certain invaluable civil liberties. The single player mode doesn’t stop being entertaining just because the game is usually made for multiplayer.

Game Informer‘s Battlefield 4 review tells us that DICE has continued its tradition of giving us some of the most visceral sounds in a first person shooter, a sort of series trademark. While the latest game doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, what it gives us is presented so flawlessly that we will instantly forgive them and just get to wrecking the environment with multiplayer fire.

The Battlefield 4 reviews agree that DICE’s latest shooter is still as satisfying as it gets.