Google Smart Watch Could Arrive Before End Of Year

Google Smart Watch

The Google smart watch is believed to be in the “late-stage of development” and could make its way to the open market before the end of 2013.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the tech giant is attempting to debut its new piece of wearable tech in order to grab some early market share from Sony, Samsung, Pebble, and other quick launch opponents in the industry.

The news is focused around Google’s talks with Asian suppliers who would be responsible for building the smart watch.

The Google Android watch is expected to feature an OS that places much of its emphasis on the tech giant. For example, users may be able to connect their Android Smartphone and then receive flight times, weather and traffic information, and even movie showtimes among other information. Google could also choose to include Google Now information directly to the watch.

The source claims that Google is working tirelessly to fix the battery life issue that is experienced by many Google Android-based devices. The company is hoping to engineer a smart watch that doesn’t need to be recharged every single day, a problem suffered by the Sony SmartWatch.

A main goal for Google will be to push the price of each smart watch below $300, the cost associated with the recently released Samsung Galaxy Gear. Samsung’s smart watch is restricted to Galaxy devices and a more inclusive watch could go a long way.

In the meantime, the success of a Google smart watch could ultimately come down to the efficacy of the watch. If the Google SDK allows developers to create useful apps, the watch may become a more attractive peripheral device for buyers.

Pushing the Google smart watch out before Apple’s iWatch hits the open market could allow Google to get the jump on Apple, and in turn, allow Google developers to dictate the future of wearable tech.

Are you ready to dive in and buy a Google smart watch? What price point would make the device worth buying?