Mrs. Krabappel Will Not Be Written Off Simpsons For A While

After Marcia Wallace, the voice of Simpson’s character Mrs. Krabappel, passed away, there was immediate talk of her characters retirement. It turns out that Simpson’s producers will most definitely write the character out of the show, but not for at least one to two years.

The Simpson’s episodes are written, produced, and recorded a full year in advance, that means Marcia Wallace had already played her part in another year’s worth of shows.

The shows producers were already planning to kill off one undisclosed character in the upcoming season, but people close to the show say that character isn’t Edna Krabappel.

Executive Producer Al Jean said in a statement on Saturday:

“I was tremendously saddened to learn this morning of the passing of the brilliant and gracious Marcia Wallace. She was beloved by all at ‘The Simpsons’ and we intend to retire her irreplaceable character.”

Marcia Wallace spent more than 20 years playing the beloved teacher of Springfield Elementary, all the while becoming involved in various relationships as Mrs. Krabappel. She dated Principal Skinner and even became the unlikely second wife to Simpson’s neighbor Ned Flanders.

Sometimes a friend and sometimes an enemy to Bart Simpson, Mrs.K once declared, “I always thought there was a spark of decency in you, Bart Simpson, but I was wrong. I never thought I’d say this to a child, but you are bad on the inside.”

It was with that type of sardonic attitude that Mrs. Krabappel captured the hearts of Simpsons’ fans around the world.

With the hit Fox TV show still showing no signs of slowing down, there is the very real chance that, in the years to come, other characters will be forced into exiting the series as voice actors leave the show.

As a longtime fan of the The Simpsons, I have to admit that not having Mrs. Krabappel on the series will rob it of an important character who brought an odd sense of optimistic depression to the show.

Marcia Wallace will be laid to rest in the next few days during a private ceremony.

Do you think the shows producers are making the right decision by retiring Mrs. Krabappel?