'Star Wars' Slot Machines Discontinued By Disney

Todd Rigney

Since Star Wars and Marvel movies are family-friendly, the folks at Disney recently decided to discontinue a line of slot machines centered around the properties.

Although fans of George Lucas' space opera have fed coins into the machines for years, Disney doesn't think associating the beloved franchise with gambling is a good idea anymore. As a result, the company will phase out the machines.

According to The Guardian, the fate of the Star Wars slot machines recently went public. However, Disney planned to get rid of the items quite a while ago.

"Marvel discontinued plans to initiate or renew slot machine licensing arrangements as part of its integration with Disney. The handful of remaining licence agreements have expiration dates within the next few years," a spokesperson for Disney recently explained to the New York Times.

Disney fully intends to discontinue the Star Wars slot machines as well. Since there are still some licenses in place, fans have plenty of time to hit the jackpot.

Since the company bills itself as family-friendly, the machines don't fit with its agenda. Disney is also extremely interested in keeping gambling out of Florida.

"We oppose the legalization of so-called destination resort casinos because this major expansion of gambling is inconsistent with Florida's reputation as a family-friendly destination," a spokesperson for the company said in a recent statement.

According to Penny Slot Machines, folks who drop their hard-earned cash into a Star Wars slot machine in Las Vegas can win a whopping $1 million for their efforts. However, finding some of the machines is a bit more difficult than one might think.

The website explained:

"Strangely, a recent visit to Vegas showed the 'Star Wars' slot to be very thin on the ground. This is very odd, because the 'Star Wars' slot was incredibly popular, often with lines waiting to play them. The reason why it's difficult to find star wars slots in casinos is not clear, but perhaps they were charging the casinos too much money to have them installed and the machines went to Asian casinos that are prepared to pay more to have the most advanced technology on the slot floor? Who knows?"

Are you a fan of the Star Wars slot machines? What do you think about Disney discontinuing the items because they aren't family-friendly?

[Image via Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Pictures]