Vampire Dad Eats Baby Daughters Flesh, Drinks Her Blood While She's Still Alive

James Johnson

A self described "vampire" was arrested in Papua, New Guinea this month after he murdered his daughter by biting her neck and drinking her blood. After she passed away, the man proceeded to drink her blood as part of a ritual sacrifice.

The incident, which happened near the settlement of Lae, was being called "an act of cannibalism."

Local councilor John Kenny tells the PNG Post Courier that the father's three-year-old child and her mother were visiting, when he grabbed the young girl and ran off with her into the nearby bushes.

In a gruesome recounting of the events that unfolded, Kenny says the man bit hard into the child's neck, ate her flesh, and then drank her blood.

At first, the little girls mother had no idea what was going on. Two young boys climbing a coconut tree witnessed the disgusting act and ran quickly to call for help.

Kenny says the man didn't care that the boys were witnessing his act, "He was just laughing at the boys and continued eating the flesh and sucking the blood. The boys were scared and ran quickly to alert the people.''

When adults arrived to stop the man, he threw the dead child's body into the bush and ran away to avoid capture. Eventually, police were able to find the man and take him into custody.

Papua, New Guinea is no stranger to cannibalism. The area is known for various acts of black magic, sorcery, and other strange practices that are no longer widely observed in most parts of the modern world.

Last year, police in Papua arrested dozens of people who participated in acts of cannibalism as part of a cult. That group killed at least seven people and then ate their brains before turning their penises into soup.

Sadly this is not the first time that a father in Papua, New Guinea ate his child. In 2011, another man was found eating his newborn son as part of a sorcery initiation ceremony. The young child was found screaming in agony as his father ate him alive.

While the area is steeped in strange and violent practices, murder for any reason is still illegal and the man will now faces charges for his disturbing act of torture and cannibalism.