Troy Aikman ‘Queer’? Dexter Manley Uses Gay Slur During Radio Interview

Dexter Manley called Troy Aikman “queer” during a radio interview, upsetting his hosts and listeners with the gay slur.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Troy Aikman was infamous for saying football won’t always be America’s favorite sport.

Dexter Manley is a former Washington Redskins defensive end who was discussing the Redskins losing to the Denver Broncos during last Sunday’s game. He apparently makes regular appearances the day after any Redskins games. One of the WTOP radio hosts asked Dexter Manley if he felt the Redskins had been jinxed by Troy Aikman predicting the Broncos’ win as part of his FOX football analyst job.

Dexter Manley’s response came out of nowhere:

“I think Troy Aikman’s a queer.”

When the other hosts jumped all over Dexter Manley calling Troy Aikman queer he quasi-apologized:

“OK, I’m sorry about that. I’ll just say I take that back. Since he’s a Cowboy fan…”

The other radio hosts cut him off shortly afterward.


In response to the controversy, WTOP’s Vice President of News and Programming Jim Farley says, “We were shocked and stunned when [Dexter Manley] said it. Needless to say he will not be back on WTOP.”

But this is not the first anyone has called Troy Aikman gay. Back in 1996, Skip Bayless wrote a book called Hell Bent which focused on the Dallas Cowboys and spread the rumor that Troy Aikman was gay. Despite Troy Aikman being married to a woman for 10 years and having a cheerleader girlfriend now, such rumors won’t die and as recently as 2009 Bayless was still making the same allegations:

“The coach definitely thought [Troy Aikman] was gay and a lot of his teammates thought he was gay. More than that, they thought he was racist and they thought he was trying to get Barry Switzer.”

Are you surprised people are calling Troy Aikman?