Oakland Raiders Coach Flips The Bird At Officials [Video]

jaosn tarver

Oakland Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver wasn’t very happy with the officials on Sunday. Tarver cursed at the officials after a bad call and then flipped them bird… twice.

Tarver was irate when the officials threw the yellow flag after cornerback Mike Jenkins hitone of the Steeler’s receivers. The refs were going to call for an illegal hit but then they got an earful from Tarver.

The obscene gesture was caught on camera and was broadcast live on CBS. Tarver hasn’t been disciplined by the league yet but Fox Sports reports that the Oakland Raiders coach can expect a five figure fine.

Mike Pereira, a former NFL executive, said that he called the league to make sure that they were aware of Tarver’s gestures.

Pereira writes: “A play took place in the Pittsburgh-Oakland game that was absolutely unacceptable and unprofessional. It actually happened on the sideline and it wasn’t by a player, but rather by a coach. And I was so angry, I called the league office about it… This kind of behavior is totally unacceptable.”

Pro Football Talk notes that the league fined Chuck Cecil, the defensive coordinator for the Titans in 2010, $40,000 for giving officials the finger during game. The league is expected to hand out a similar fine to Tarver.

Do you think the Oakland Raiders coach deserves to be fined? What do you think of Mike Pereira calling the NFL to report the obscene gesture?

For what it’s worth, Tarver was somewhat justified for being upset with the refs. The officials made the wrong call and ended up picking up the penalty flag.