Avicii Says “Everything Sounds The Same” In EDM Scene

Despite all his success, Avicii is worried about the future of electronic dance music. With its surging popularity, EDM is attracting big money greed and it’s losing its distinctiveness in the process, Avicii says.

“Originality is definitely missing from EDM,” Avicii said to The Guardian.

“It’s gotten to a point where everything sounds the same,” Avicii continued. “There is no longevity in what’s happening at the moment.”

The Swedish-born Tim Bergling, who makes music under the name Avicii, might be a bit more guarded with The Guardian, that he was with GQ earlier in the year. But for someone who decried his own depiction and that of his fans and industry, Avicii didn’t seem to be pulling any punches.

An gigging in Vegas: “People go for a week and then leave,” Avicii says. “It’s a huge money-making machine. Everything is massive and expensive, there’s just so much money there. You can really feel it. Ibiza is about passion for music, Vegas doesn’t feel real. It’s a product.”

Avicii, who will perform at the YouTube Awards on November 3, doesn’t pay himself or his fans any compliments when discussing the “you-could-hear-a-pin-drop” silence he faced at Ultra, when Avicii debuted “Wake Me Up,” a mixture of EDM and bluegrass.

“I knew it was going to be a shock. All they see is country and house music. They think, ‘Country? That’s old people.’ I knew it was going to be like that. It freaked me out when I got a bad reaction to the song, though, I must admit.”

So Avicii is thin-skinned and EDM fans are closed-minded? Maybe, but all this attention has Avicii working with artists running the gamut from Nile Rodgers, Adam Lambert and Incubus’ Mike Einziger.

“I am so insecure,” Avicii says, “I always thought people would not be interested in working with me. Why would they want to?”

Regardless, fans are sure to be out in the thousands when Avicii kicks off his Australian tour in January.

What do you think of Avicii’s single Wake Me Up”? Is Avicii right about the state of EDM? How do you feel about Avicii’s attitude?