Cher Was Unhappy With Her Las Vegas Residency

For a retiring headliner it seems like Las Vegas is the last stop before full-blown retirement. However, that’s not the case for some performers as we all know that it’s hard for Cher to say goodbye. Her Farewell Tour originally slated for 59 dates expanded to 326 dates, and is currently one of the longest running tours ever. This was also in the middle of Cher’s residency at Las Vegas.

Although you can’t deny Cher from being a consummate entertainer, Cher does have her set of demands, and those weren’t met when she was doing her Las Vegas touring. According to a report by The Daily Indy Channel, Cher really suffered during her Las Vegas tour due to the fact that it was too low-key.

Cher toured from 2008 to 2011 at the Caesars Palace venue, and while she took in big crowds for her shows, she was “angry” when realizing that these shows would be a laid back affair in comparison to her lively concerts. Eventually she vowed despite the laid back atmosphere that she would go on stage at the Caesars Palace and put on a kick butt, fiery shows, regardless of the audience’s reception, as it was the last chance for many of her fans to see her live, or at least it was back then.

Cher elaborated on her problem regarding her Las Vegas residency, telling Graham Norton:

“(It was) difficult. The audience is not allowed to stand up and they are very, very old and sometimes they had walkers and oxygen masks. I’m not kidding.”

“I was angry for a long time and then finally I thought this might be the last concert they ever see and they are enjoying it in their own way. It’s not my way and it didn’t make me feel good but they were having a wonderful time.”

In recent years Cher has said that she’s not ready to retire. Currently she’s promoting her album Closer to The Truth which came out on September 24. Cher’s new tour “Cher – Dressed to Kill” kicks off on March 22 and will go on until July 11, 2014.

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