Tiananmen Square Car Accident Censored By China, Was It A Terrorist Attack?

The Tiananmen Square car accident is allegedly being censored by China, making some wonder if it was a terrorist attack.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Tiananmen Square car crash killed five when a car plowed in a crowd.

Two of the people killed in the Tiananmen Square car accident were bystanders while the other three were passengers in the vehicle. One of those killed was a female tourist from the Philippines and another was a male tourist from within China.

Incidents like these are not rare at the Tiananmen Square, which was the location for pro-democracy rallies in 1989 which were ended by the Chinese military. Protests and rallies are no longer allowed there due to the Chinese government but in 2009 three people set themselves on fire over “personal grievances.” One protest was attempted in 2000 and members of the banned Falun Gong movement were arrested. As recently as 2011 one man set himself on fire near Tiananmen Square’s portrait of Chairman Mao so fire extinguishers are kept on site. At least 122 Tibetans have used self-immolation to protest Chinese rule.

But while the Chinese government is investigating the Tiananmen Square car crash they are also attempting to censor it as well. For example, a BBC team was detained and forced into a van when they attempted to gather video footage of the Tiananmen Square car accident. China is allegedly deleting any references to the Tiananmen Square car accident on Chinese social media websites and any searches for “Tiananmen Square car accident” were blocked.

The Chinese government is declining to say whether the Tiananmen Square car accident was a terrorist attack or a political protest similar to the previous self-immolation incidences where people purposefully killed themselves. It’s possible it was just an accident since the vehicle lost control and jumped over security barriers and burst into flames when it hit the square. But one witness reported hearing an explosion before seeing the smoke and flames.

Do you think the Tiananmen Square car crash was a terrorist attack or an accident?