Shaquille O’Neal Endorses Chris Christie For NJ Reelection, What About President?

Shaquille O'Neal Endorses Chris Christie For NJ Reelection, What About President

Shaquille O’Neal is endorsing Chris Christie for reelection as New Jersey’s governor. Fear the Shaq PAC?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Shaquille O’Neal recently bought a minority share in the Sacramento Kings.

Chris Christie and Shaquille O’Neal have been working together for quite a while. Earlier this year they set up a gun buyback program and in October the unlikely pair announced an after-school program to prevent New Jersey students from getting involved in drugs and crime.

Republican Chris Christie is fighting Democrat Barbar Buono for the position of New Jersey governor. Shaquille O’Neal endorsing Chris Christie is almost unnecessary since he leads the polls at 61 percent to 28 percent, but Shaquille O’Neal did it anyway:

“I don’t endorse many politicians. But Chris Christie is different. He’s working with me to bring jobs back to our cities and on a new program to help kids in tough neighborhoods get ahead. Governor Christie’s provided more funding for schools, given parents more choices in what schools their kids can go to, and merit pay for good teachers. He’s a good man. Excuse me, he’s a great man. Please join me in supporting Chris Christie — the Governor.”

Now Shaquille O’Neal publicly supported President Obama in the 2012 presidential election. But Obama’s vote declined among young black men by 14 points while holding steady among young black women. Since Chris Christie is considered a Republican front runner in the 2016 Presidential election you have to wonder if Shaquille O’Neal would give the same endorsement in the future.

Chris Christie began picking up support among black voters when he publicly worked with President Obama after Superstorm Sandy slammed the New Jersey coastline. Chris Christie faced backlash from Republicans over doing this but it may have paid off when it comes to independents.

35 percent of black voters ages 18 to 24 identify themselves as independent. Since Chris Christie tends to walk the line between Republican and Democratic positions it’s possible he may be more appealing to this demographic. After all, only four percent of black voters voted for John McCain while eight percent voted for Mitt Romney. As previously covered by The Root, Chris Christie currently has the support of 36 percent of black voters. Shaquille O’Neal’s endorsement might help boost those numbers into the 40th percentile or higher.

Do you think Shaquille O’Neal should endorse Chris Christie for the 2016 Presidential elections?