Dr. Conrad Murray Is A Free Man But Can’t Practice Medicine

Dr Conrad Murray Released From Jail

Dr. Conrad Murray has been released from prison after serving a 2-year jail sentence in the killing of Michael Jackson.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department says Dr. Murray was released at 12:01 AM on Monday. The accused killer snuck out of the jail in order to avoid members of the press.

Sneaking away from reports may not have just been a privacy play. By remaining isolated Dr. Conrad Murray can up the asking price for his first TV interview.

Standing outside of the jail were a group of hecklers who expressed their disgust with the doctors release.

When asked why Dr. Murray was given a secret escape route away from the paparazzi the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department sighted safety concerns and security issues.

Dr. Murray was locked up in November 2011 after being convicted of manslaughter. Murray was sentenced to four years in prison, however, a two-year stay with good behavior is common in those cases.

Dr. Murray was found guilty after Michael Jackson was determined to have been abusing the sleeping drug Propofol under his doctors observation.

Now that he has been released from prison Dr. Conrad Murray has promised to reapply for his medical license in Nevada and block revocation in California. Sources close to his bids to be reinstated claim he does not have a chance of practicing medicine in the future.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr Dr. Conrad Murray is currently seeking a publicist who is capable of helping change his image.

He might not work as a doctor in the future but Dr. Murray is convinced he can make a living through interviews, book deals, and even a reality TV series that has not yet been picked up by a network.

Do you think Dr. Conrad Murray is going to profit heavily from the manslaughter of Michael Jackson?