Hugh Hefner’s Costume For Playboy Halloween Party Makes Fun Of Miley Cyrus [Photo]

Hugh Hefner's Costume For Playboy Halloween Party Makes Fun Of Miley Cyrus

Hugh Hefner’s costume this Halloween was pretty scary.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Hugh Hefner and Paris Hilton went on a Easter egg hunt together in the Playboy mansion.

Paris Hilton came back to the mansion for the Playboy mansion Halloween party, dressing up as a drunk bear with a gold tooth. She was spotted hanging out with Cooper Hefner, who was dressed up as a Jedi (sort of, since people had trouble figuring that one out).

Cooper Hefner tweeted about the party yesterday:

“We celebrated Halloween at the Mansion last night with good company, drinks and a haunted house to top it off. Another fun Halloween party.”

But what about Hugh Hefner’s costume? This year he apparently felt Miley Cyrus was the scariest thing walking around on two feet, dressing up as “Robin Thicke & Miley Cyrus” in reference to the infamous VMA awards where talk about twerking was the latest craze.

It’s good to see that the married couple is enjoying themselves together. As you can imagine, Hugh Hefner’s wife, Crystal Harris, was part of the Halloween costume, as well.

Of course, Hugh Hefner’s costume would have been much scarier if he’d dressed the part of Miley Cyrus and twerked for the camera.