Eva Longoria And Eduardo Cruz Spotted Making Out In Crowded Restaurant

Eva Longoria Dating Eduardo Cruz Again

Rumors are swirling that Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz may be rekindling their prior romance.

According to E! the former couple were spotted on Saturday having a lunch date in New York City. A snoop claims sparks were flying between the pair as they enjoyed a nice meal.

A witness tells E! that the pair were in “good spirits” and were “all over each other.”

The diner adds, “After a bit, they started holding hands and kissing. Then they began full on making out. They were seated a table out in the open at the front of the restaurant. They didn’t seem to care who saw them.”

Eduardo, the younger brother of Penelope Cruz, and Eva Longoria, started dating in January, broke up, then got back together, only to call it quits in June 2012.

Following that split Longoria was tied to Ernesto Arguello, an actor on the Eva produced short-lived NBC series Ready For Love. Eva and Ernesta called it quits in August, 2013.

Longoria and Cruz have been spotted together on several occasions, sparking more rumors that they are in fact dating once again. A game of tonsil hockey in the middle of a crowded restaurant is sure to stoke the fire of those rumors.

In the meantime Eva Longoria is busily work on various projects. Her TV series Mother Up! debuts this year and she has been working on three projects, Frontera, Refugio, and Any Day.

The actress and her former boyfriends reps have not confirmed their rekindled romance at this time.