Piers Morgan Calls DeNiro A ‘Nightmare’ And Clarkson A ‘Muscle-Depleted Chihuahua’

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Piers Morgan, who took over from Larry King for the CNN interview slot, has been making waves lately, and on numerous fronts. In fact it seems that Mr Morgan is falling out with just about everyone, as you will see below.

The Inquisitr reported on October 25 about Piers Morgan’s little tiff with Sarah Palin. It seems Morgan favors Twitter as his medium for abuse. As reported by Inquisitr:

Piers Morgan has officially angered Sarah Palin. The former vice presidential candidate had a few choice words for Morgan after he tweeted at her. The two then joined in a battle of wits as they participated in a good old-fashioned social media war. At one point Palin even referred to Piers Morgan’s show as “shambolic.”

But just one little argument wasn’t enough for Piers Morgan. He opened up recently about the challenges he faced and faces as an interviewer. He said about movie icon Rober DeNiro:

Robert De Niro, who hates interviews, was a nightmare. You think you might be the one to crack the ice-man. In the event, he never even melted. For 10 minutes, he responded to all my questions with ‘I don’t really know,’ or ‘I can’t really say’, or worse there was just silence and a shrug.

He also shared his feelings about his work on America’s Got Talent: “I didn’t want to judge piano-playing pigs forever,” he said. Not to mention how hard it was for him to even contemplate filling the shoes of the legendary Larry King:

I thought a lot of Americans would go ‘Why is this snotty-nosed little Brit coming over here and replacing Larry King, one of our greatest legends?’. I’ve found my own voice now and my own style and they’ve finally stopped comparing me to Larry, which I think is a good sign.

But what really “took the biscuit,” as they say in Great Britain, this week was Piers Morgan’s tiff with arch-enemy Jeremy Clarkson from Britain’s Top Gear automotive show.

The pair fell out a while back and Clarkson harbors a vicious grudge for Morgan, so much so that he once punched Morgan in the face.

The Twitter bout between Morgan and Clarkson really does speak for itself, so we have embedded the hilarious Tweets here for your amusement. Enjoy:

What do you think about Piers Morgan’s recent behavior on Twitter? Do you think it is below a man who fills Larry King’s shoes on CNN to act in this way? Share your thoughts on the matter in the feed below.