Woman Raped By Other Woman

A woman raped in Little Rock has accused another woman of the attack, according to a recent report from THV11.com.

According to the website, the accused, Elizabeth Navarro, was charged Saturday with third-degree battery and the rape of an unnamed female victim.

Little Rock police said the 24-year-old called 911 after Navarro, 32, raped her at Navarro’s home on the 1600 block of John Barrow Road Saturday morning.

Authorities indicated that the two women had an argument on Friday night, and that as a result of that altercation, Navarro refused to let the victim leave her apartment. According to the report, as the victim tried to sleep, Navarro repeatedly raped her.

Police also stated that the victim suffered swelling and broken blood vessels in her right eye.

Navarro was taken into custody, and is currently at the Pulaski County Jail awaiting a bail hearing.

Aside from the woman raped in Little Rock, other odd sexual crimes in recent months have included a man alleging rape by a woman.

In September, a Chicago-area man was reportedly forced at gunpoint to have sex with the woman in the backseat of a car.

The man, 33, was walking down the street in the city’s north side at about 5 am when a car containing two women pulled up and offered to give him a ride.

Things got weird from there according to the Chicago Sun Times. “While she was driving, [Cierra] Ross pulled out a black revolver and ordered the man, who was in the passenger seat, to get in the back and have sex with her friend… The woman in the backseat demanded that he take off his clothes and the man complied by taking off his shoes, pants and underwear before he was assaulted, [prosecutor Amanda] Pillsbury said.” The Daily Mail reports that “In the course of the encounter, the man was allegedly instructed to fondle the woman’s breasts and buttocks.”

Then, in March, a Philadelphia senior citizen who was a patient at Temple University Hospital alleged that a female nurse in her 20s raped him in a bathroom in the middle of the night.

The man was reportedly recovering in the hospital from a motorcycle accident and had been there for about a week.

According to the complaint, the nurse entered the patient’s room and offered to give him a bath. Evidently things got improperly steamy from there, but because of their reportedly graphic nature, the details contained in the police report have not yet been released into the public domain.

In the Little Rock case, it will take some time for more details to emerge, but it’s certainly a rarity. Do you think the justice system looks at a woman raped by another woman differently than when the perpetrator is male?

[Image via LRPD]