PS4 Release Date Gameplay Details Revealed

The PS4 release date is coming up fast, in just over two weeks, with the Xbox One following a week later. Being the fan favorite for the moment, Sony doesn’t seem to have much to worry about in the console’s opening weeks. If anything, their biggest obstacle might be just having enough consoles to have some on the shelf after the pre-orders are fulfilled.

Of course, Sony’s alleged solution to the console shortage involved forcing college students to assemble them at the threat of not receiving their degrees. Otherwise, it seems they are ready to reap the benefits of a “Perfect Day.”

As the PS4 release date nears, Sony has unleashed some gameplay details surrounding the next-gen console based on Twitter questions. President of Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment Shuhei Yoshida got up close and personal with individuals on Twitter, a sign that unlike Microsoft, there is definite proof that Sony is listening to the gamers.

One question involved the audio end of the gaming realm. Carlos Rodriguez asked if the voice chat and the game itself were going to share the headset this time through the DualShock 4 port. The short and simple answer was yes. Gone are the days of having to kill the audio mood of the game just to talk to your friends.

Another question dropped before the PS4 release date came from Francisco Noyola, who asked if he could download the day one patch while he is playing a single player game. Again, that’s affirmative. It would be a rather nasty move if Sony didn’t let gamers play even offline while the day one’s 300MB patch was downloading. Nobody likes waiting for the console to let them play, one of the biggest reasons that unskippable cutscenes made the list of annoying video game trends right here on The Inquisitr.

You know by now that some PlayStation 4 titles will require the available option for PS Vita remote play, but you might not have known that a second player can use a DualShock 4 controller to play along with you using an option called “couch co-op.” For his explanation, Shuhei Yoshida simply dropped a YouTube video showing that very thing happening in the PS4 exclusive game Knack.

Last but not least, PS4 will apparently not require you to install games to the hard drive, instead using automatic cache to optimize performance much like a PC title would. Installing to the hard drive may still be the best option just to save wear and tear on the console’s Blu Ray drive, though.

As the PS4 release date closes in, are there any gameplay details you still have questions about?