‘Pokemon X And Y’ Pokedex Cheat Possible With Revealed Map

'Pokemon X and Y' Pokedex cheat possible with revealed map

Pokemon X and Y‘s Pokedex could fill up quickly if the recently revealed map is used too often.

The Kalos region has been mapped out, showing where every single Pokemon is located and revealing which ones are in the game, so technically, it could be a spoiler and a cheat just to use it.

If you prefer adventure and discovery to remain a part of your game, you can read on, as we won’t spoil anything for you. However, we will link you to the full size map of the game with every pocket monster revealed in every location of Kalos. You’ll have to wait until later though.

This is probably where you’ll jump ahead to find the link.

Nintendo seems to be keeping a somewhat tight lid on the locations of all of the pocket monsters available to fill up your Pokemon X and Y Pokedex, though the map hasn’t been removed. They might understand that some players want to cheat and find everything right away, and it might not hurt the franchise either. After all, you still have to stumble upon and battle the Pokemon to add them to your collection and your Pokedex. That’s how it’s been since the days of Pokemon Red and Blue.

No doubt there are a lot of pocket monsters available in the game, with a reported total of over 700 in the series, but you don’t have to worry about filling up your Pokedex, as you don’t need to catch ’em all to do so. In fact, the Pokedex in Pokemon X and Y has been reported to be split up into sections, so each part of Kalos Region has its own Pokedex.

If you’re dead set on finding every Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y without simply looking for them yourself (it will take both games to do so), you can click here for the map in question. Keep in mind that since the beginning of the franchise, each version of the game has had its own specific pocket monsters, so you will not find all of them if you only own Pokemon X or Pokemon Y.

Also, the Shiny Legendary Pokemon were only available via a promotion at GAME stores and might no longer be available unless you have a friend willing to part with theirs. Even then, it won’t be in Pokemon X and Y‘s Pokedex until at least December, when the Bank and Transporter apps are made available to transfer them from Pokemon Black and White to the latest generation.

The Pokemon X and Y map revealing all of the pocket monsters in the game is here, and it’s now up to you if you want to use it.