Halo-Type Helmets Being Tested By US Army

Halo HEaDS Up Helmet - US Army

The U.S. Army is currently testing a new high-tech helmet that looks like something out of the popular video game series Halo.

Known as the Helmet Electronics and Display System-Upgradeable Protection — better known as HEaDS-UP — the device looks like something from a space-aged game, but in actuality it is far more sophisticated.

The Halo-type helmet was designed by ballistic eyewear company Revision. The helmet is composed of a standard Army helmet with expanded features that protect the head, neck and face. Includes are a see-through ballistic visor, and a mandible face mask.

According to the company the high-tech Army helmets protect against 9-mm ammunition and offers better eye, face and hearing protection than existing helmets.

The biggest change comes in the form of display technologies which can project upon the inside of the visor. The company has not revealed which information is available but the display likely includes battlefield maps, targets, health monitors, communications and other tech.

A recent demonstration of the HEaDS-UP helmet featured integrated electronics and a display powered by an Android smartphone. The full scope of the helmets capabilities and hardware have not been revealed at this time.

The Halo-type helmet meets 14-feet-per-second impact requirements to reduce traumatic brain injuries. The US Army has not revealed test results from the helmet or declared them a success at this time.

HEaDS-UP was created over a four-year period by a team at the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center.

The helmets are definitely a big step forward compared to many modern-day helmets which still require additions to be put into place by velcro.

Do you think a Halo-type helmet with a heads-up display is the future of the US Army and other branches of the military?