Ridgecrest Shooting Suspect Sergio Munoz Told Police Before Starting Murder Spree

Ridgecrest shooting suspect Sergio Munoz allegedly warned police ahead of time that he was going to “wreak havoc” before the Mojave desert shooting took place.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Mojave desert shooting ended with three people dead, including the Ridgecrest shooter named Sergio Munoz.

The Ridgecrest shooting was premeditated and police believe 39-year-old Sergio Munoz knew the victims. While being chased through the Mojave desert the trunk of the suspect’s car popped up, revealing a man and woman trapped inside. The Mojave desert shooter also fired on police with a shotgun and handgun up to 12 times. When Sergio Munoz pulled over and started shooting into the trunk space police opened fire and killed the Ridgecrest shooter.

Before the hour-long car chase through the Mojave desert even began Sergio Munoz allegedly called a Ridgecrest police officer’s cellphone and threatened them, saying he wanted to come to the police station and “kill all the officers but they had too many guns.” Munoz also warned police he had a “package” for them, which was probably in reference to the people trapped in his trunk. He also stated his desire to “wreak havoc” on the city.

The Ridgecrest shooting suspect Sergio Munoz apparently had a criminal history going back to at least 1999. Munoz had previously been charged 21 times with various crimes including drug possession for sale, child endangerment, receiving stolen property, domestic violence, and possessing ammunition as a felon. He served two years in jail for the stolen property.

Police haven’t offered a motive yet for Sergio Munoz but fortunately the other victims of the Ridgecrest shooting are “likely to survive” according to authorities.

[Ridgecrest Shooting Image via Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times]