North Korea attacks, claims tasteful game advert

Er, wow. This close-to-the-bone advert for Kaos Studios and THQ’s Homefront has been appearing recently on YouTube in Australia, where it’s already terrified a fair few users with its claim that North Korea has attacked an unnamed enemy.

Sporting subtitles such as ‘WORLD LEADERS IN SHOCK’, this newsy-looking ad speaks of an ‘ACT OF UNJUSTIFIED AGGRESSION’ from the isolated state. This, of course, is the reality in Homefront, a game in which North Korea invades Asia and then North America.

Not exactly the most tasteful spot, right? It’s already got people talking on Twitter and other gaming sites, which I guess is what they were aiming for. Though, er, admittedly most of the comments are like this:

@JimLenoir: Stay classy THQ. This is a terrible and tasteless attempt at advertising a game.

“Almost freaked out at the YouTube homepage banner ad for Homefront, thinking it was a real headline on a North Korean attack. Not cool.”

“I find the front page advertisement for HomeFront on Youtube to be offensive. I thought North Korea had actually attacked. Misleading.”

[Via Australian Gamer]