Cop Caught On Camera Beating Daughter For Eating Carrots [Watch]

You had what!?” were the chilling words Jeremy Yachik, a Colorado police officer, said to his 15-year-old daughter. “Carrots” was the worried response. What followed was a violent beating and kicking from dad.

Yachik, aged 35, of Loveland, Colorado was arrested last week and charged with four counts of child abuse following video footage which revealed he was abusing his daughter, daily, and for many years.

The police report shows that allegations were made against the cop including: forcing the girl to consume hot sauce, tying her hands together, and beating her with ropes, among other things.

Thankfully, the abuse was uncovered after an email was sent to the police and news outlets by Yachik’s ex-fiance, Ashley Saint-Roberts. In it she embedded video footage showing Yachik choking, punching and kicking the child.

The woman said she made the video footage public after she sent it to Yachik’s boss, Chief Johnson, and did not get a response. She said that Yachik then called her and said: “Nice try…trying to get me fired…it’s not going to work.”

In the particular video sent, Yachik can be seen beating and kicking his daughter who is laying on the floor crying. Allegedly, this took place after the girl was found eating carrots from the fridge.

The young girl told interviewers at the Fort Collins Child Advocacy Center that she had been choked till she blacked out, bound with handcuffs and zip ties, locked in rooms, and starved.

Yachik’s reason for beating and abusing his daughter was “she doesn’t communicate.” During a search of his home, cops found evidence of child abuse, including a repaired drywall near a fireplace where the girl said her head had been slammed against it.

Here is the short video clip, released on :