‘Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z’ Unleashes Second Trailer [Video]

The second Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z trailer has dropped, and the game promises to take the battle “to the next level.” After Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, the games based on the classic Japanese anime have had a tough act to follow, even though they never quite reach the fame of the big name franchises.

Using an idea almost straight from the early Mortal Kombat games, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai‘s roster was mostly a collection of the same fighter with slightly different abilities. Since most of them were usually Super Saiyans, there wasn’t much difference anyway, aside from power levels the gamer had reached.

The most famous Super Saiyan of them all, Goku was the first to reach the power level of, say it with me, over 9000. According to the original anime, that was the reading Vegeta got from his rival while Nappa was still alive.

Don’t expect much of in the way of deep storyline in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z or its trailer, as the entire show has always been about introducing a more powerful character who would push Goku or one of his kin to their limit. The act would break them and they would always come back stronger. Of course, when a rogue madman destroyed their home planet, that didn’t help the race recover.

'Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z' trailer introduces multiplayer battle royale
'Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z' trailer introduces multiplayer battle royale

Dragon Ball Z was never known for its intelligent story, but its sheer scope of action has always made up for it. From Frieza trying to destroy the planet, to Trunks going back in time and revealing his true identity to his father, to androids designed to absorb energy and use it against anyone who attacked them, the franchise has always been about proving who was most powerful.

The Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z trailer tells us that the brawler is the first new game in the franchise in over two years, and from the art style, it could rival Pokemon X and Y for its rendering of 2D art into a 3D world.

Multiplayer seems to be the new rule of thumb, with multiple characters teaming up against a common enemy or possibly a battle royale, meaning the fights could probably destroy a planet or two, just like the anime. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z will even allow you to make a team of the same character in multiple forms and create combo attacks between you and your friends. You’ll even face off with massive enemies like Saiyan ape forms and other world-destroying titans.

What do you think of the new Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z trailer? Are you planning to pick it up on January 28 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita?