Tiffany Thornton Pregnant Again, Baby Bump Photos Spotted In The Wild

With Tiffany Thornton pregnant again with her second child, Tiffany Thornton’s baby bump photos have been what everyone is looking out for.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Tiffany Thornton announced her pregnancy to the world via social media. (Seriously, press releases are so-o-o old fashioned!)

The former Disney Channel star is known for her TV hits like Sonny With a Chance and So Random! 27-year-old Tiffany Thornton is already mom to son Kenneth James with husband Chris Carney. Thornton’s firstborn arrived on August 14, 2012, just nine months after she married her husband.

(As in, not a shotgun wedding, which is perfectly appropriate for a former Disney Star. Pay attention, Miley Cyrus.)

Tiffany Thornton’s pregnancy was announced on Friday, October 25 by asking a question in a WhoSay photo caption:

“Guess what?! Hint: why am I holding my stomach?”

It didn’t take long for fans (nanoseconds for the paparazzi?) to notice Tiffany Thornton’s baby bump:


Speaking about her pregnancy, Tiffany Thornton wrote to all her fans:

“Thanks so much for all the congrats. Chris and I are so excited to announce that KJ is going to be a big brother!!! What a blessing.”

What do you think? Is it nice to see Tiffany Thornton’s pregnancy handled with class?