‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Reviews Say The Dark Knight Still Has It [Video]

The Batman: Arkham Origins reviews are in, and the critics agree that the dark knight is still Gotham’s hero, even if the police aren’t fond of him yet. Gamers who feared the game suffering after Warner Bros. took over for Rocksteady have had their fears eliminated as the dark knight takes on the city before its most insane criminal elements were made the mainstay.

Bruce Wayne has only been fighting crime for two years now, but his determination to take out the scum on the streets had garnered the attention of the Black Mask, who wants him dead by Christmas. Answering the call of the price he put on the dark knight’s head are eight assassins all looking to collect the millions from Batman’s new threat.

Batman is arrogant this time around, due to a lack of experience, and as a result he is a little more careless when it comes to certain aspects of his dangerous hobby, and will screw up on occasion, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

According to Game TrailersBatman: Arkham Origins review, the game plays almost exactly like it did in 2011, though there are still no innocent civilians roaming the streets, making the holiday decorations feel more like an excuse to keep everybody inside. The story behind the game states that the city is following a curfew, meaning that the citizens of Gotham City aren’t out and about. That’s not entirely realistic, as there are always some who defy the curfew just because they feel the urge. In all, the city feels empty, but that’s one of the only things wrong with the game.

'Batman: Arkham Origins' is a much welcomed follow-up to the series.

Official Xbox Magazine says Warner Bros. Games Montreal did a remarkable job capturing the gameplay of its predecessors and not just turning it into another comic book super hero action game like some others have done. Batman: Arkham Origins focuses on its story, turning the game into a detective drama of sorts with a great amount of psychological depth. That’s not to say the game isn’t action packed, though, as each assassin battle is a unique experience much like those of its predecessors (or are they sequels?).

The Official PlayStation Magazine agrees in their Batman: Arkham Origins review that the game doesn’t take the easy way out in its gameplay, as it makes the gamer feel like they are the dark knight, not just controlling a video game with a Batman looking character in it. They are even so bold as to claim that Troy Baker’s take on the Joker is actually better than that of Mark Hamill.

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