Boston Red Sox may be shopping players

The Boston Red Sox are fairly deep at several positions, most specifically starting pitcher and outfield, and like any good baseball organization they are looking to trade away a little of their fat for pieces they need. Most specifically they would like to find a young catcher in case Jason Varitek doesn’t work out, and some left handed relief help for their bullpen. The problem is the pieces they would like to be rid of, may not be highly valuable to any other team.

Chief on the list is over paid starting pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka. He ERA in the second half of 2010 was 4.79 and so far in spring training it is 11.42. ON top of that he is due to make 20 million dollars over the next two years. Did I fail to mention that he has a full no trade clause? They would also like to deal Tim Wakefield and he may actually have some value as a back of the rotation starter, but teams may be leery to trade for him given his age and since he seems ready to retire.

The more valuable assets the Sox may be willing to shed are outfielders Mike Cameron and Darnell McDonald, but beyond the Sox GM absolutely denying these rumors the Sox want what all teams want and that will make getting a deal done very difficult. OF course there are also rumors that the Sox may be willing to deal infielder Marco Scutaro. He may have significant value to several teams that could use a better option at their infield spots.