Isaac Brown, The Boy Who Feels No Pain

While there are many parents who might believe that Isaac Brown's condition that keeps him from feeling pain is a blessing, his parents, Carrie and Randy Brown, know better.

Isaac Brown, 5, was born with a congenital insensitivity to pain, meaning that he almost never feels pain. Because of this condition, Carrie and Randy have to teach their boy about pain and what it means to be hurt in order for him to stay healthy.

"The toddler years were an absolute nightmare," said Isaac's mother, Carrie Brown. "He would just drop to the ground and smack his face on the table. He thought the fall was fun."

According to ABC News, the Browns went to a specialist about Isaac's condition, and after being told to watch him carefully and bring him in if he appeared hurt, they decided to turn to the internet for further support. The report continued on to say that by using the search terms "children who can't feel pain," the Browns found a Facebook group called The Gift of Pain.

It was through this support group that the Browns were able to find the support they needed. "We got a ton of ideas of people who have gone through it," said Carrie. "And let me tell you, they have been a gift to us."

According to the Daily Mail, Isaac's condition, Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis, affects fewer than 100 people in the US. The report continues on to say that along with his inability to feel pain, Isaac is unable to sweat or feel extreme heat and cold.

In many cases of this disease, the patient feels no pain, but in Isaac's case, his mother says he is capable of feeling something, "but the pain as to be 20 to 30 times greater to what we would feel."

The family says that they are currently working with the Mayo Clinic who are examining Isaac's DNA in hopes of uncovering the gene mutation that leads to his disorder.

Even with his condition, Isaac Brown's family says that he is a normal 5-year-old boy, on that enjoys his every day life.

[Image via Shutterstock/Zffoto]