Retired DJ Dave Herman Arrested In Child Sex Sting

Retired DJ Dave Herman was arrested in a child sex sting operation. The 77-year-old hosted The Dave Herman Rock and Roll Morning Show on New York City’s WNEW from 1972 to 1998.

The sting operation was organized by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office. In November 2012, an undercover agent was reportedly approached by Herman in an online chatroom. The agent posed as a single mother with a 6-year-old daughter named Lexi.

As reported by NBC News, Herman eventually asked the agent if Lexi was sexually active. In a recorded conversation, the former DJ told the agent “age 6 is the perfect time to start her being loved that way.”

The conversations grew increasingly disturbing, as Herman became obsessed with the agent’s fictitious daughter. He said young children’s “innocence is… a huge turn on.” In December 2012, Herman asked to meet Lexi in New York City.

According to the criminal complaint, Dave Herman said he wanted the agent to take Lexi to his New York City office for a sexual encounter. He planned to serve the child alcohol so she would be more compliant. He promised to be careful, but said he would use force if necessary.

For a period of 10 months, the retired DJ tried to convince the agent to give him access to the 6-year-old child. In September 2013, He suggested a trip to his home in the Virgin Islands.

A female detective, posing as the mother, spoke with Herman on the phone about travel arrangements. During the recorded conversation, he revealed more details about how he planned to sexually abuse the little girl.

Herman purchased airline tickets for himself, the agent, and Lexi. The agent and her “daughter” were to meet him at the St. Croix airport. The former DJ was arrested at the Virgin Islands airport by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

If convicted, Dave Herman will spend a minimum of 10 years in prison.

[Image via Wikimedia]