Felicity Huffman Joins Cast Of ‘Big Game’

Felicity Huffman is joining the cast of Big GaBackme.

The Transamerica actress will joining Samuel L. Jackson in Jalmari Helander’s new movie. Victor Garber (Argo) and Ted Levine (American Gangster) have also joined the cast.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Big Game will be an “adrenaline-fuelled action-adventure” story featuring a lost boy, a terrorist attack, and a fight for survival.

Big Game will tell the story of a young boy, played by Omni Tommila, who decides to spend a night alone in the woods to prove his manhood. Tommila finds the president of the United States, played by Samuel L. Jackson, in an escape pod after terrorists shoot down Air Force One.

Helander, who also co-wrote the script, said: “Big Game is an action adventure story on an epic scale. I’m delighted to be taking this genre on as it has always been very close to my heart, as action-packed adventure stories contain the elements that I believe make movies that are worth watching.”

Felicity Huffman will play a CIA director in the new movie while Garber will play the vice president of the United States. The movie also stars Jim Broadbent, Ray Stevenson, and Mehmet Kurtulus.

Big Game has already started filming. Jackson and Tommila recently spent 8 weeks in Bavaria filming some of the wilderness scenes. Backers of the film recently released a photo of Jackson and Tommila standing on a cliff.

big game

[Image Via carrie-nelson / Shutterstock.com]