False Widow Spiders Invasion Blamed On Global Warming: Hoax Or Not?

False widow spies are invading Britain and some people think global warming, or climate change, is to blame.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, false widow spiders have been found in British schools, causing some alarm among officials.

It’s been mentioned by many reports that global warming is to blame for the false widow spiders invasion. This is the quote from Dr. John Tweddle where that idea comes from:

“It is likely that this spread is at least partly a response to a changing climate and as such we’re expecting the species to continue to increase its distribution within the UK.”

Yahoo recently went on record as claiming climate change to be the blame for not only false widow spiders, but flooding and bush fires, as well. They claim it “is easy to dismiss it as a problem for tomorrow’s world or a non-existent scheme cooked up by governments and crackpots in order to make some money but all the signs suggest global warming is occurring.”

Claims of a global warming hoax have spread since the latest UN IPCC report on climate change. Recorded world temperatures have increased at only a quarter of the rate of IPCC claimed when it published its last assessment in 2007. Computer models forecast a decline in Antarctic sea ice but instead it’s actually grown to a new record high. The 2007 report predicted hurricanes would become more intense due to global warming but 2013 has been one of the quietest hurricane seasons in history. The United States has been enjoying almost eight years of Category 3 or higher hurricanes not making landfall.

Despite the IPCC making wrong predictions, the short of it is that global warming is theorized on the basis of a global average of temperature readings that are adjusted based upon statistical methods. So it’s very possible for one area of the world to be cooling while another area is warming up. This global average has fluctuated for about 15 years with only a very small discernible upward trend, although many scientists claim this “cooling trend” is short term despite previous predictions based upon climate change models claiming we’d see a gradual upswing as CO2 levels increased worldwide.

But you’re probably wondering, whether or not global warming is a hoax, how could climate change cause more false widow spiders to pop up? In fact, the spider’s predatory behavior is known to be temperature-sensitive, decreasing with increased temperatures. You might think that’s good because they’d bite less but it’s actually bad because other species’ populations, like grasshoppers, could grow out of control. Fortunately, studies show that spiders can adapt to warmer temperatures.

But as areas warm up spider populations that normally stick to warmer climates may increase the range within which they live. For example, the brown recluse spider is predicted to move northward assuming North America begins to warm significantly. So it’s possible if England specifically has a localized warming trend then the false widow spiders invasion could be justifiably blamed on climate change.