Dina Eastwood Files For Divorce From Clint Eastwood

Dina Eastwood has officially filed for divorce from Clint Eastwood, just weeks after withdrawing her papers for legal separation.

The former reality star filed the divorce papers in Monterey County Superior Court in Carmel, California, Monday. Eastwood is seeking physical custody of the couple’s 16-year-old daughter, Morgan, as well as spousal support and attorney fees to be paid for by the 83-year-old Gran Torino star.

Dina Eastwood originally filed for legal separation on September 9.

Clint Eastwood was previously married to Maggie Johnson, with whom he had two children, Kyle and Alison. The couple married on December 19, 1953. During a trial separation a decade later, Eastwood had an affair with dancer Roxane Tunis, who gave birth to his first child, Kimber. Eastwood did not acknowledge his firstborn child until 1996, seven years after she revealed her identity to the Globe.

Maggie Johnson filed for legal separation in 1978, and the couple officially divorced in May 1984. Eastwood said he believed he and Johnson married too early, having wed only six months after meeting on a blind date.

Clint Eastwood married Dina Ruiz on March 31, 1996. After the wedding, the former KSBW news anchor said, “The fact that I am only the second woman he has married really touches me.”

Dina Eastwood confirmed that the couple had separated after 17 years of marriage in late August. She also said that the two remain close, but had been living apart for some time. At the time, Clint Eastwood’s manager said he didn’t know anything about the split.

Eastwood came to her soon-to-be ex-husband’s defense on Twitter after word of the separation broke.

“I don’t like reading negative things about Clint,” she wrote. “He is a wonderful, good natured, brilliant person. No matter what, I attest to that.”

Dina Eastwood also praised her stepson, 27-year-old Scott, Clint Eastwood’s son with flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves.

“He is an amazing young man,” she said. “He has had nothing handed to him — ever. He works as a bartender when he is not acting. He has to pay the bills!”