Newser Adds The New York Times; Needs Timely Aggregation Though

News aggregator Newser is now providing summaries of stories from The New York Times. With this, Newser searches The Times for what its editors would deem as must-read stories. It is then presented in summary grid, a format that Newser is known for. I like the format, the option of allowing you to choose between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ news preference. I do not like, however, that aggregation is a little late. As of writing this post, it’s top news shows ‘Lehman Axes 2 Top Execs in Effort to Stem Slide’– this was the news yesterday.

Newser also revealed that it is now allowing its readers to create threads of stories, allowing them to become part of assembling news coverage done by Newser editors.

Newser dubs its service as using human and machine-driven aggregation, delivering multi-media summaries. The only downside for me is that because news is distilled by editors, readers are then presented with what they deemed as must-read.