Ellen Page Nude In Beyond: Two Souls, Sony Objects To Leaked Shower Scene Photos [Video]

Is Ellen Page nude in Beyond: Two Souls?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ellen Page would love to be part of a Kitty Pryde movie.

To answer the question, it's a yes and no. Beyond: Two Souls virtually recreates the body of Ellen Page for a video game character named Jodie Holmes. But apparently the video game developer Quantic Dreams went way beyond what was necessary for the story of Beyond: Two Souls, recreating Ellen Page nude and fully detailed in certain private areas.

The virtual Ellen Page's nude scene is in the shower and apparently does not show any sort of explicit nudity. We do so see the virtual Ellen Page topless but the camera angle is always kept at an angle that ensures Jodie Holmes' privacy, somewhat. As it's intended, the scene portrays the virtual model in a shower scene that could be considered PC-13 at most since we see the character's naked back from an angle that shows the side of her chest.

So you're probably wondering how virtual photos of Ellen Page nude got leaked onto the internet. Apparently, someone got hold of a developer version of the PlayStation 3 that allows special quality assurance (QA) features like debug mode. One option is called "free camera" which allows the positioning of the camera to be changed so that the shower scene can be viewed from any angle.

What this means is that the average gamer can't see the virtual Ellen Page nude at all. It's not possible with a normal PS3. But that isn't stopping Sony from asking everyone to stop talking about the story:

"The images are from an illegally hacked console and is very damaging for Ellen Page. It's not actually her body. I would really appreciate if you can take the story down to end the cycle of discussion around this."
Ellen Page is known for having a strict no nudity policy in any movies she appears within. Some sites have taken the photos down in response but Reddit users are making sure these nude photos are kept alive on the internet.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened in the video game world. The "hot coffee" Grand Theft Auto scandal was infamous back in its day. One of the games in the Max Payne series had a PC debug mode that allowed gamers to play as one of the naked female characters, which again was rendered sexually explicit despite not being necessary for the game itself. Quantic Dream is also known for producing games with sexual content. Heavy Rain featured fully nude male and female character models for portions of the game and Fahrenheit was edited for sexual content before being released in the United States.

What do you think about the Ellen Page nude scene in Beyond: Two Souls? Do you think sex and nudity should be portrayed in video games?