November 9, 2017
'National Treasure 3' Isn't Out Of The Question, Says Jon Turtletaub

National Treasure 3 isn't out of the question just yet, says director Jon Turtletaub.

Although the series generated a healthy amount of money from moviegoers around the world, Disney has yet to pull the proverbial trigger on the next installment. While promoting his latest film Last Vegas, the filmmaker explained that he would love to get another movie off the ground in the next couple of years.

Despite the studio's apparent lack of interest in another movie, Jon Turtletaub seems to think National Treasure 3 will happen. The director told Collider that it could happen a bit sooner than some people think.

"I'll bet that within two years, we'll be shooting that movie," he recently explained.

Why is it taking so long for Turtletaub and Disney to make another National Treasure flick? According to the filmmaker, writing a movie of this nature takes a lot more time than fans realize.

"It's so damn hard to write a great historical mystery based on fact. We want to do the movie. Disney wants to do the movie. We're just having the damnedest time writing it," the filmmaker said.

He added, "I'd say we're about half-way there. It's not only writing a great historical mystery, but we've gotta write something that has nothing to do with anything we've done before. We really want to make sure that the third one doesn't just feel like a repeat of the first one."

The first National Treasure movie found Nicolas Cage stealing the Declaration of Independence in an effort to locate fortune and glory. The $100 million adventure was a hit for Turtletaub and Buena Vista. According to the numbers at Box Office Mojo, the film ultimately made $347 million during its theatrical run.

The sequel National Treasure: Book of Secrets proved to be much more popular than the original. The follow-up made $219 million in the United States alone. The flick's foreign grosses pushed its international total to a whopping $457 million. It's a little surprising Disney hasn't capitalized on the series' success.

This isn't the first time someone has teased the possibility of another National Treasure flick. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed that another installment was in the works while promoting The Sorcerer's Apprentice last year.

"We are developing a script [for 'National Treasure 3'] now," he stated. However, details about where Nicolas Cage and company will travel next are unavailable as of this writing. If you're a fan of the flicks, then you might want to start crossing your fingers right now.

Do you think National Treasure 3 will happen in the next few years?

[Image via Buena Vista / Walt Disney Pictures]