Plane Crash Arkansas: Husband And Wife Found Dead In Wreckage

Addam Corré

A plane which crashed in Arkansas some time between Monday and Wednesday has been found. Two people were found dead in the wreckage after it disappeared from air control radar on Monday afternoon.

Crews had been searching for the single-engine plane and it was finally located in a rural area of western Arkansas.

Phillip Morgan, the Madison Country Sheriff, said that a husband and wife were found dead at the scene. The names of the couple were just released by authorities. They are Adina and Ivan Williams, aged 52 and 63.

It is still not clear who owned the aircraft, but the Civil Air Patrol confirmed that the couple were the only people involved in the plane crash in Arkansas. The Piper Saratoga plane was en-route from Alabama to Claremont when it crashed.

Ivan Williams was the CEO of the Williams Construction Company in Pryor.

A full investigation is underway by authorities who are trying to ascertain what caused the Arkansas plane crash. There were no acute weather conditions reported during the beginning of this week in the area where the crash occured.

Investigators and crash experts will now be sifting through the debris of the wreckage to try and find more clues as to the circumstances which lead to the plane crash.