[Damn Cool Dept.] Awesome time lapse of Hawaiian volcano hard at work

Mother Nature is really incredible and nowhere is her power more apparent than when the very earth below us erupts with massive and incredibly destructive power that can be seen with every erupting volcano.

Now some folks might think going into a live volcano is the height of a great holiday but I am more than content to be on the other side of one that decides to display its power. Thankfully though with folks like those at the US Geological Survey I don’t have to miss out on seeing volcanoes like Mount Kilauea in Hawaii strut its stuff.

Throughout January and February, it’s been grumbling loudly and crater walls have been collapsing. Cascading lava was captured on February 17 at the Puu Oo crater and on 3 March, a dramatic collapse at Halema’uma’u shows part of the vent wall falling into the lava lake. Erupting fissures were filmed in early March, sending lava up to 10 metres into the air.

According to US Geological Survey (USGS), a lake of lava about 200 metres deep has formed inside one of the craters, while seismic activity in the area remains high. New reports estimate that 150 detectable earthquakes have been caused by the eruption, although so far it poses no threat to locals

via New Scientist

Here is the time lapse video of Mount Kilauea in action.