Tyler Hansbrough Thinks Twice, Apologizes To Metta World Peace [Video]

Tyler Hansbrough was furious when he was hit while driving to the hoop. He was so upset that he almost started a fight. But then he realized that the person who hit him was none other than Metta World Peace.

That name might sound like it belongs to a cuddly NBA player but it actually belongs to Ron Artest, a player who has gained a reputation for fighting.

So when Hansbrough (whose nickname is Psycho T…) turned around to confront his assailant he immediately changed his mind and started to apologize.

Hansbrough says, “My bad. My bad,” before walking away to the free throw line.

A video of the incident was posted to YouTube and it has already been viewed more than 250,000 times.

One commentator writes: “Fake tough guy meets real tough guy.”

Tyler Hansbrough became the butt of the joke as sports fans ridiculed him for shying away from a fight. But really? Who would willingly stand toe-to-toe with Ron Artest? The last time someone did that he jumped into the stands and started punching a fan.

Carmelo Anthony talked about the incident the Wall Street Journal.

Anthony said: “I had a front-row seat… I saw the [Hansbrough] apology.”

Hansbrough is a tough player who is frequently involved in little skirmished beneath the basket. He isn’t the biggest guy on the court but he does give a helluva a crazy eye. Of course, Hansbrough’s tough guy act is really just an act. Metta World Peace on the other hand…. Well, let’s take a look at the video.

What do you think of Tyler Hansbrough’s reaction? Are you surprised that he shrank away from the fight so quickly? Wouldn’t we all do the same?

Hansbrough may have lost the battle but the Toronto Raptors won the war. The Raptors improved to 5-1 for the preseason while the Knicks dropped to 2-3.