Xbox One Headset Adapter For Current-Gen Headsets Reportedly Delayed Until 2014

The Xbox One will reportedly be launching without the headset adapter that supports current-generation and at least some upcoming third-party headsets, according to recent reports from multiple sources.

Current-generation headsets will not be compatible by default with the Xbox One due to the fact that the new headset plugs into the new controller by way of USB port which the current version does not use.

In order to make old headsets compatible with new controllers, Microsoft needed to come up with an adapter – especially since there fan outcry for them to do just that.

Unfortunately for those people, Microsoft apparently just couldn’t get the adapter ready to go in time. Third-party headset provider Turtle Beach said in a press release, picked up by CVG that regarding its upcoming XO Four and XO Seven headsets, neither would be available until at some point early extra year because it won’t be until then that Microsoft releases the adapter.

“The Xbox One headset adapter, being built by Microsoft and provided to Turtle Beach for inclusion with new gaming headsets, will not be available until early 2014,” according to the press release from Turtle Beach.

Before you let the news get you too fired up, this actually means very little if you’re just looking to chat with your friends online using the mic; the new controller and its new headset will be included with the new Xbox 360, so you will immediately have that as an option.

The only concern with headsets at launch is that some third-party offerings may not be available. So far, the only headset manufacturer to announce delays on upcoming headsets is Turtle Beach – it isn’t clear if other manufacturers will be hit with the same roadblock.

Does the lack of a headset adapter at launch impact you? For what reason would you need to use your old Xbox 360 headset?