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Redditor's Mother-In-Law Keeps Walking In On Her In The Bathroom, So She Starts Doing Weird Poses In Anticipation

Ashabi Azeez - Author

Nov. 26 2022, Published 1:13 p.m. ET

Sometimes we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations with people due to their actions such that even after broaching the topic with the other person, they seem not to budge. It is safe to say that anyone could be pushed to rely on unconventional but nonetheless effective ways to curb the issue. A Reddit user who has to fend off someone who made her uncomfortable tried to work her way around it but eventually had to resolve to funny and quirky methods. However her husband highly disapproved of it, and now she is in a dilemma.

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The Redditor explained that it all started after her mother-in-law went to live with her and her spouse pending the time her home renovation was completed in time for Christmas. She relayed that all was well and good, but it seems the older woman did not know how to respect boundaries.

The OP's Mother-in-law Invaded Her Privacy

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The MIL Constantly Barged In On Her In The Bathroom

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OP Devises A Way To Make Her Stop

The Reddit user stated that she noticed her mother-in-law had a pattern of invading her privacy whenever she was in the bathroom, and it was extremely uncomfortable. She relayed that she could have resorted to locking the bathroom door, but was dealing with a childhood trauma of being locked in and just couldn't come around to doing that.

The OP shared that she later explained to her spouse how his mom constantly walked in on her in the bathroom without knocking first. However, her spouse told her to try locking the door, while adding that he didn't see the problem with his mom seeing his wife naked since she was family. The OP noted that her mother-in-law continued barging in on her in the bathroom, and at a point, it looked like it was intentional.

Eventually, she took matters into her hands and decided to find a way to end the invasion of privacy. The Redditor relayed that she started making weird poses in the bathroom while anticipating her mother-in-law's usual action. Just as she predicted, the OP's mother-in-law continued barging in, following it up with an apology.

The OP stated that her mother-in-law ultimately saw her do a ballet stand in the toilet, posing with her hand against the wall, among other weird poses. She noted that her mother-in-law started feeling awkward after a while as she noticed that the older lady would just stand there trying to figure out what she was doing.

The OP relayed that it became hilarious at a point until her mother-in-law told her spouse she was practicing a ritual in the bathroom. After her spouse confronted her, she cleared things up, and he became angry at her for alarming his mom in such a manner. He called her childish and demanded that she apologize, but at present, the Redditor believes she does not need to apologize while adding that she knew Thanksgiving would be hilariously awkward. Here's how other Reddit users weighed in on her story:

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OP's Husband's Lack Of Support Is Red Flag

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OP's MIL Is Intrusive And Her Spouse Is An Issue

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NTA- OP's MIL Is At Fault

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