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Drama Ensues After Woman Insists On Wearing Her Wedding Dress To Her Husband's Cousin's Wedding

Chukwudi Peter Onyewuchi - Author

Nov. 24 2022, Published 10:46 a.m. ET

On November 15, 2022, a Reddit user took to the app to get the opinions of netizens, following an altercation with his wife. In the post titled "AITA for telling my wife she can't wear her wedding dress to my cousin's wedding and she doesn't have to attend if she does," the OP shared what transpired. According to him, he and his wife, Amy, tied the knot a few months before the incident.

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OP Shares His Story

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Amy Gets Angry

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OP Seeks Redditor's Opinion

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Is The Original Poster TA or NTA?

The OP explained that his cousin Sam would be getting married to his fianceé, Jane, in early 2023. According to him, apart from interacting during family events, Amy and Jane do not get along. He noted that his wife once mentioned that Jane was too shy and had no interest in joining their group. So, the pair's sour relationship did not seem like it would be ending anytime soon.

During Sam and Jane's wedding preparation, Amy saw the latter's white and gold custom made wedding dress from another cousin, and according to OP, she felt like it was too much. Amy may not have shared her thoughts with Jane, but thought to do something else. OP's wife brought up the idea of wearing her pink wedding dress to Sam and Jane's wedding, as she claimed to not have time for dress shopping.

However, OP didn't buy Amy's idea and blatantly refused. According to him, it wasn't right to wear one's wedding dress to another person's big day. But despite OP's reasons for the negative reply, Amy insisted. This was when OP made it clear she would not attend the wedding if she chose to wear the pink wedding dress. In his words:

"I told her if she insists on wearing this dress, she doesn't have to attend."

At this point, Amy flared up, telling her husband that he was trying to control her. She further noted that it was a better option to reuse the dress rather than let it sit in the closet. OP said he had tried everything but things had only become worse. According to him, Amy even confided in a friend, who told her OP shouldn't tell her to attend the wedding or not.

So, he decided to take to Reddit to know of he was the wrong for insisting his wife shouldn't wear the wedding dress. Most Redditors argued that OP was definitely NTA for his decision. His wife had various options like picking another dress or borrowing one from a friend, but insisting on wearing her wedding dress was wrong. As such, it was only advisable for OP to inform Sam, Jane, and other members of the family about Amy's decision.

On the other hand, a few persons argued that OP's wife's choice was not entirely wrong. According to the poster's story, Jane's wedding dress was white and gold while Amy's was pink. So, it could have been that Amy really didn't have time for shopping and chose to wear her wedding dress, since it was beautiful and was a very different color from the bride's. However, such comments were downvoted, with Amy judged as the wrong party in the matter.

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Redditors' Reactions To OP's Story

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OP Needs To Check His Wife

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Could Other Guests Be Wearing A Similar Outfit?

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